First Day Daycare Tips for Kids and Parents

Starting daycare is a big change for a child but for many, it is a part of life they’ll soon enjoy as parents plan to go back to work or simply need the help that the professionals at a daycare offer. But, it is essential to prepare your child for this transition. It will be hard for the little one and parents know it’s difficult to leave their children. Use the tips below to ensure first-day daycare success.

Talk About It

Do not let the transition to daycare be a surprise to your child. Talk to them about daycare, what they will do, what to expect, etc. They’ll be much better when they know what to expect at the daycare center.

Visit the Daycare Prior to First Day

Take your child with you to the daycare center before their first day. They’ll feel better when the place isn’t so unfamiliar and maybe can make a few new friends to make it easier on the first day of school!

Change Routines

A change in normal routines may be necessary when daycare begins so go ahead and make changes to the routine now so it is easier later. Changes in dinner time and/or bedtimes are common.

Make it Exciting

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When your child knows that you are excited about daycare, they’ll be excited, too. So, even if you have reservations about daycare, don’t let the kids know it and instead show them how much fun it will be and how eager you are for them to begin.

Allow Extra Time

Give yourself time in the morning to get to daycare. You are adding a new stop to the morning routine and your child may be a bit overwhelmed on the first day. So make sure you give yourself extra time on the first day at the daycare facility cypress tx!