The Benefits of Achievement Based Learning

The style of learning called the Montessori method focuses on achievement-based learning because let’s face it. Our brains are wired to seek achievement during montessori sensitive periods and when we feel that we are good at something, we feel better about coming back to it.

This method has children focus on their desire for learning and the sense of achievement that comes with figuring something out on their own. In some traditional classroom settings, students have to all work at the same pace. That can hamper learning as some students need extra help and others want to forge ahead.

The Montessori method individualizes learning and allows students to work at their own pace to achieve the knowledge they want.  This teaches children to act independent, regulate themselves, and work both alone and with others to ensure that they achieve the goals they want.

montessori sensitive periods

Achievement based learning doesn’t focus on the traditional outcomes of regular schools (grades, report cards, test scores) but instead focuses on the achievements of what that learning brings to the child. A child who learns something new can then build upon the experience and wants to learn more.

For example, if a child is interested in frogs, they can then learn what a frog is and about amphibians. Then they can build on the knowledge to learn about different type of frogs, and what they eat, and how they survive.

There is always another building block that the child will want to add on just because they can. Then they can connect that learning to the entire world. This not only promotes a true desire to learn but also helps people to rely on themselves for knowledge and make connections for themselves.