The Joy Of Being Able To Read

reading interventions

The statistics have been quite alarming to date. No matter where you are in the world tonight reading this, it is being recorded that the numbers continue to drop. Every year, as young children enter school and stay long enough to graduate at high school level, more and more young adults are not able to read comprehensively, if at all. Most state and federal authorities, thankfully, have, however, acknowledged that reading interventions are required. But they are still hamstrung in regard to providing these on time.  

You are able to read this note tonight. That is positive. That has got to count for something. Perhaps you take your reading matter for granted. It is hardly your fault. It is quite human, the things you are quite used to and capable of doing each and every day of your life. Never for one moment believe that today’s kids do not want to read. Fair enough, and this much is true, their own parents are not helping matters much.

But just give these underprivileged children half a chance and see their eyes light up. Young children are always in wonder when a great story is being told to them. Their first reading lesson commences with that great story. But it becomes even greater by the time they able to follow through on the story at their own cadence, word for word, line for line, and page for page. And soon it will be book for book.

Wishful thinking? Hardly. Just you wait. The more children are given new learning opportunities from privately funded reading programs, the better the world becomes. Their world and the world of those around them. And the world of the future, that one in which they must surely lead the way.